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Special/Overnight Buses

The bus system in Japan is vast and efficient. It`s usually much cheaper than anyabout 3 hours.
Here is a link to the JR Highway bus website and their timetables.


Major cities will have buses that go almost anywhere, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and much further south.

Some Long Distance buses require a reservation by paying in advance, others you just hop on and pay at the end. On most LD buses you can buy a ticket early, that way you don`t have to deal with money on the day of the travel. Almost all bus lines have online ticket sales, but that is useful only if you can read Japanese. If you are ever not sure when or how much to pay, just ask the driver or an attendant “sakibarai”, which means pay in advance.

Most LD buses go from train station to train station in the major cities, and also include a stop at city hall.

Here is some more information on bus travel:

The Japan Bus Pass is a crazy cheap bus pass (3 days for 8,000 yen or 5 days for 10,000 yen), that can be used for overnight and daytime express buses anywhere in Japan. Can be used by people living in Japan, but has to be purchased abroad – get someone to send it to you! You can buy it online, but the purchase button doesn`t work from within Japan.

Japan Rail operates not only trains but also a bus network. Search for JR Highway bus on google to find them, however the website is in Japanese only. Meitetsu is another railway company that operates the Meitetsu Highway bus – again you can find them through Google, but all in Japanese.

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