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Cherry blossoms are upon us.

March 12, 2014

It’s the end of the school year. Graduation ceremonies are over (or will be soon). It’s time to look ahead. It’s time to stop hibernating and get out back into the world!!

We haven’t forgotten you and ShizAJET is planning many things for you. Here’s a small list of what’s coming (Check the event page for details):

  • Sake (or Nihonshu as the purists call the sacred drink) festival in Fujinomiya on March 16th
  • 2 different Cherry Blossom viewing parties (one in Hamamatsu and one in Shizuoka city)
  • Tea picking around golden week
  • Camping trip in May
  • Beach parties
  • Leaver’s party and that’s only up to June

ShizAJET has also been working on something else. As an organization where more people are getting involved than before, we are in the process of creating our first constitution. Once it is finish, it will be made public on this website. We want to make this organization better than it already is (a hard feat to do) and see ahead for possible bigger events and/or collaborations with other organizations in the future. As such, we wanted to be officially recognized with our community understanding who we are and what we do.

Shizuok(i)an publication (name pending):ShizAJET in collaboration with our PA has started working on a new edition or the “Life guide for Shizuoka people”. We will soon be sending surveys to all ALTs to ask for recommendations and information on everything they have locally. Start taking notes if you see or know anything noteworthy (especially for specific things as services in English that might be harder to find like doctors and dentists that even 2nd or 3rd years might not know about…). You are the specialists of your area, let us know about your corner of the ken.

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