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Spring is around the corner!

February 26, 2014

March is arriving and with it, the warmer weather will (should) get back to us. This means many things: the end of the school year, test season, prep for the new year, spring vacation, cherry blossoms…

It’s also a time for reflexion. By now we all know if we are staying another year or leaving this summer. For those who stays, it’s a time to start making plans on what to do this summer and complete more of the personal bucket list of things to do while in Japan. For the leavers, it means what to do on the bucket list BEFORE leaving Japan as well as starting to plan for what’s after going back to wherever you’re from or what to do in Japan after your contract is over.

No matter which one you are, I do suggest making that bucket list if you haven’t already. Things will creep up on you like you have no ideas. Spring is also the time where many people come out of hibernation mode and get back in the community. Spring brings a lot of festivals and opportunities to see people and enjoy Japan as it’s best, before the weather become too warm that we want to stay indoors in the air-conditioned environment.

-T-shirts! We the winner for our t-shirt contest! Congratulation to Jackie Holowczyk who won first place with her design (#1) and to Samantha Shoppell who got second place with hers (#7). You can see both of the designs in the post below! We are currently looking for a quality printing company that will give us a good price 🙂 Stay tuned for more info!

-Shizuokian. ShizAJET and the PA are reviving the Shizuokian. It was a life guide for Shizuoka made with info from ALTs, for ALTs! Would you like to get involved? Contact us by email! Shizajet

-National AJET elections!! Until March 3rd is the elections for the National AJET council. Your vote is important! Please go vote! You will need your JET identification number to go vote. Your ID number can be found on the language course book material, by calling the JET helpline or by checking with your school or BOE.

-ShizAJET website. We want to improve the information on our website. Did you find any good information we could add to what we have? Would you like to contribute an article? Please let us know!

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