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Return back from SDC and thinking about the Philippines

November 20, 2013

A big おつがれさま to everyone after SDC in Kakegawa last week. We’ve had some time to look at the surveys we passed and guess what? Most people said they’d be interested in buying a t-shirt (depending on design and price of course).

This will not be ignored and this year, we’ll make this happen. We are currently talking about what the rules will be for the design contest but you can start thinking right away. One thing for sure, it’s to represent us and Shizuoka so it will have to relate to Shiz!

There are also far more that was written in the surveys and we’ll be talking internally about those. We thank everyone who took the time to write comments and will use them to improve our activities.

The Philippines disaster relief

Also, we’d like to say THANK YOU! To everyone who donated to help The Philippines at SDC. If you haven’t donated but would like to, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you how to get the money to us.

If you would like to organize a fundraiser in your school, we can help with that. A few of us have heard that students have been asking what they can do. Every school should have a volunteer club. With their help, we can coordinate a fundraiser. ShizAJET will prepare a Japanese and English version or the fundraiser (and saying who we are/how the money will be used) for those who would like to help in their school. Just let us know and by next week, we’ll have the Japanese version ready for you. You will most likely need permission from your school first though.

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