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Summer vacation coming to an end already!

August 29, 2013

Hey eveyone! Summer already coming to an end but I do hope you could enjoy it to the fullest!

I know many of you travelled around either in Japan or in other countries during your holidays. I hope you all had safe travels.

As you all know, the new JETs have arrived and already went through the high and lows of teaching on JET and Shizuoka prefecture form Kakegawa Orientation. I hope you gave them a warm welcome! Don’t be afraid to seek them out!

To the new JETs! Don’t be afraid to get out and meet new people. You might want to stay local and hang out with your new friends (nothing wrong with that) but our prefecture is big and there are many other people who’d also like to meet you. Make your own opinion of things, don’t only listen to what other says 😉 By winter time, you’ll be glad to have met a bunch of people and be able to get out of your cold lodging.

ShizAJET is not taking any rest! We’ve got a bunch of events coming up. Some have already appeared on your facebook, others are still in the making so keep your facebook open and let us know what you’d want to do (we can always do more! Either big or small events).

Let’s keep it up! And enjoy the first classes of the second term next week!

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