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Welcome to the new JETs!!

July 2, 2013

By now all new JETs should be receiving their placements. Welcome to everyone 🙂 I’m sure new questions pop up and you are all eager to find everything about your accomodation and your new school(s). That being said, we are all excited to have you come and your predecessors are really eager to help.

Please understand though that as it is for you, it also is a very busy time for them so they might not be able to answer your messages right away.

Ok, now that this is delt with 😀

ShizAJET is new and improved this year. We’ve got new members with energy who wants to be active and plan new and exciting events. We want to get out there and reach out to you. You have comment about us? Please let us know. We want to be more accessible! After all, we do things for YOU!!

Come join the fun! No need to register on anything (but facebook helps to know what’s going on).

Things we want to know so we can help share the info:
– Is there a festival in your town coming up?
– Is there something you’d like to organize?
– Is there something or interest near you?
– Have you heard of interesting things to do (not necessary close to you)?

Last thing, if you want to get involved, let us know! 😉

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