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ShizAJET wants YOU!

May 9, 2013

Hey! Every year, many JETs come and go. As such, ShizAJET wants new people to get involved in planning events.

Ok, so what’s the job?

ShizAJET is a non-profit organization with a few jobs that need to be done. We understand that not everyone has experience in planning, but we’ve got three main officer positions that require a different range of skills. We aim to organize at least 1 event per month as well as hold these events in different regions of our awesome prefecture.

Webmaster: Someone who has knowledge of websites and can update our website frequently as well as revamp it if necessary. We also have a twitter account that needs to be updated (badly… the current AJETs officers aren’t very tech-savvy. Help!)

Treasurer: In charge of the AJET bank account and keeping track of our funds for organizing events. Also collects and manages money at our events.

Event Coordinators: Organizes and plans events along with other AJET officers. Japanese is not necessary as we help each other when needed. We need people who are motivated and have good ideas for interesting events. A background in planning events is not necessary!

Examples of past events we’ve organized:

• Fuji Climb• Costume Karaoke Party (Halloween)
• Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (February)• Christmas Dinner Party (held at the Gotemba Kogen Resort)
• Rafting• Fuji-Q Highland Trip• Hanami Picnic (Spring)
• Leaver’s Dinner Party
• Shimizu S-Pulse and Jubilo Iwata soccer games
• And more…

Why would you want to get involved? (Why wouldn’t you?!)

• Professional experience in organizing activities.
• Helping to shape a newer and better ShizAJET.
• Working together with a super group of people.
• Meeting amazing JETs you wouldn’t see much of otherwise.
• Going around the prefecture and beyond for activities.

What are you waiting for? If you’re interesting in joining, please email us at shizajet and let us know which position you’d prefer!

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